Alcohol struggles 4

Here you are, fighting battles you can’t win and double jeopardy is someone is waiting for you to slip up. They wait to manipulate the law, abuse their power and extort whatever they can. The state and it’s institutions have failed us and that’s the story of most of our lives. However, our ignorance and […]

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Message to death

Here I come. Receive me with this glee and priggishness. In this battle I did not lose. How can I lose if I was never fighting. Hell, heaven or even mere decomposition and living on in the soil and trees. That is for you to know and for me to find out. To those that […]

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Listen…here comes the darkness It’s a black snake folded in a coil It’s head is risen and eyes are a sharp red Hissing, tongue out and reaching Reaching for me, it’s right in between my eyes Fight…this is the darkness It’s two ripped black men In your bed, you can’t move or make a sound […]

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read me

Most people live and hope to leave a mark on this world. I think everyone gets to leave a mark on this world, the difference is how the mark affects the people you leave behind and the how great the mark is, may be great is relative. Seth is such a person and just like […]

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As I summon my demons that help me write, wassap with you? Sketchy, I know, but I need to start somewhere. I can’t seem to find the words to write a conscious piece about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Lately I’ve been thinking about the purpose of life. I’ve been thinking about the would be […]



You have probably seen it or heard it somewhere the ‘I love NY, if found return to lagos, I love canada, Brooklyn, atlanta, Brazil’ and so on and so on. So I’m here to rep for jinja. I’d like to issue an apology to all the die hards that feel like I’m not doing justice […]

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