Musings me to me

You get overwhelmed at times. Your thoughts are allover the place. You can’t seem to fathom the flash like swing of moods. You make mistakes and hurt people, but just like when you get inebriated you don’t owe these people any apologies, your under the overwhelmation(just coined that) so you’ll get a pass. This is […]

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Alcohol struggles 2

At some point in this unfair world. The odds leaned to him amounting to great things . he led his classes, on the debate team of the school, he was the golden boy of the family. This would go on to last almost all of his early childhood. Like all growing children the incessant urge […]

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Cheers to the good guys

Shit hit the fun brothers and sisters. The bad guys are the cool guys. Society is giving praises to drug abuse and shitty music. The girls don’t want flowers anymore, they want a guy that eats ass.(not that their is anything wrong with this) Kids don’t go to school anymore, they want to be bad […]

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Now and then. After the procrastination. I am always back here . Back to this that I don’t understand. I always say to myself stop stop stop, dude just stop. Hot and cold. Yes and No. I know your just wasting my time but maybe you relieve me from my malady. Maybe you restrain me […]

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Dreadlocks vanities

Today I learnt from a akenyan man that dreadlocks are worn by the masai to chase away evil spirits. “The masai become lions and their hair “dreads” the evil spirits away”. I heard from a Rastafarian that the dreadlocks are a link for them to heaven. “They’re a representation of a connection that they have […]

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Blazing pon rivershore

#life #thatgoodgood #saynotodrugabuse #legalizeit It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s a kite, no I’m just that high. Me and my boy, easy jazz flowing. Kids playing around, no supervision, could probably drown but let’s not stray. Sunday, Sun going down, we good, we on that goood good. Some dude comes around, we give no […]

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Worst case scenario

You get drunk, get some urge for sex, you can’t seem to get any, you settle for watching some , you decide the best way to do that is by getting into a hotel and peeping through windows, as you climb over the fence of the hotel a security guard sees you and arrests you, […]

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